Walking the twilight streets of Mesilla—
Lights out, quiet thoughts.

There are no sidewalks in this town,
So I walk in the road.
The pavement is still hot after sundown.
I pass the homes of those who have made it,
The homes glorious symbols to victory and success.

I come to Mesilla Plaza, where so much history was made,
And tonight there is jazz music,
And restaurant hustle and bustle,
And conversation all around me.
And hidden, but still present,
Are the memories of love and loss
That linger over the Plaza.

Standing in the middle,
The defeats and heartbreaks
of the past decade are forgotten,
And only the paths forward remain.

I realize that there will always be a deep yearning for more.
For revelation, and certitude,
Validation and love.

But tonight I reject it all and walk on—
Solitude forging a path through the darkness.


A recovering urban planner, philosophy major, and self-admitted weirdo. I can’t spell and don’t talk very well, but have an advanced A.I. clean up after me.

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